Whether it is a new setup or an existing setup that needs to be virtualized, we can do it. We can work with VMware ESXI, Microsoft Hyper-V and Proxmox and the setup can be done with clustering. We can supply, configure and setup your virtualization solution.

Cost Saving

Having less physical server means less maintenance and management.

 If a company switches from a physical server to virtual machines which reduce the physical server of the organization, that helps in saving the cost of power and cooling. Lesser physical server requires less hardware.

Increases uptime

Server virtualization offers advanced features which are not available in the physical server; the features helps to increase uptime. 

Server virtualization takes lesser time to implement new technology/application, recovery of data, and distribution of workloads.

Improves Efficiency

If the business uses server virtualization, the various virtual servers will be acting in place of one physical server. 

By this efficiency will only go up, and all virtual server will produce the same output as one physical server in a more effective manner.

Improves Disaster Recovery

One of the greatest benefits of server virtualization is the recovery feature. As the data is not tied with one physical server, it has various servers, so if data crashes in one entity, then there is no fear of data loss.

Image-based backups

Server virtualization comes with the benefit of backup and restores the entire virtual server; a business can quickly backup entire VMs and restore them. 

Additionally, image-based backups make the disaster recovery much easier and time-saving.

Allows to move to the cloud

By virtualizing servers and abstracting away the hardware, a business can prepare to move into the cloud.

The first step is to move to a private cloud from a public cloud. But as the public cloud matures and technology becomes more advanced, then the business becomes more comfortable to move data out of the data center into a cloud hosting facility

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