Installing cable and wireless networks. Point to point network installations with a limited distance.  We can also do fault finding on networks.

Wired Network

Cable installations can be done from R660 per network point up to 50m long and additional R7 per meter after that.  These cable installations are limited to a 100m then a switch, repeater or booster needs to be installed.

Wireless Network

We work with a wide variety of wireless routers and access point with the latest wireless security.  We can also test the signal to find weak spots in your building and where additional devices are required.


Most of the time we recommend Ubiquity radios for point-to-point network thus far we haven’t had issues with them and they work reliably for years.  They do have a limited line of site range.

Remote Network

We do VPN (Virtual Private Network) installations. This allows users to work from anywhere directly on a network through the internet without compromising any security. This installation could be done by, (1) having computers or laptops connected directly to the main network, (2) by connecting multiple branches or networks with each other.

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